Welcome to Kulturmaskinen

Kulturmaskinen is the cultural and artistic epicenter of Odense – an integrated, creative space for
all shapes and sizes.

This house is your house. The doors are open, and there is always someone ready to help and point you in the right direction no matter what your project or challenge may be.
Kulturmaskinen houses many different facilities. We hope to see you at:

The Clay Workshop (Lerværkstedet)

Do you love being creative and using your hands? Then the Clay Workshop on the fifth floor is the place to go! Here, you can create beautiful or fun pottery, figurines and more with all the necessary equipment for your desired result.

The Textile Workshop (Tekstilværkstedet)

If knitting or sewing is more your thing, check out the Textile Workshop. Here you can create your new summer dress, make a Halloween costume for the kids or patch up your favorite piece of clothing; all of this and more is possible on the sixth floor.

Magasinet and Frølageret

The two venues Magasinet and Frølageret (“The Seed Storage”) are used for a variety of concerts, lectures, musicals, comedy acts and more. Here you’ll always find an interesting cultural event to attend.

Conference rooms and Rosenbæk Huset

If you’re looking for a central place to hold your meetings, our conference rooms and Rosenbæk Huset will accommodate you and your group, whether you need space for 10 or 90 people. If you need room for more people than this, Frølageret or Magasinet might be the choice for you.

OFF – Odense International Filmfestival

In the late summer you’re invited to the most daring, inventive, Oscar-qualifying, and cozy short film festival of them all: OFF. The festival consists, among other things, of a diverse and experimental film program, lively debates, insightful lectures, workshops, and, of course, the coziness of summer, friends and film art.

Art Gallery Filosoffen (Kunstbygningen Filosoffen)

By the most idyllic spot down the winding stream running through Odense lies the art gallery Filosoffen. In Filosoffen’s exhibition rooms you will find ever changing and fascinating art exhibitions in all artforms and styles. The exhibitions change every 2-4 weekend and are rarely censured. Free entrance.

Facilities for people with disabilities

There is an elevator in the main building of Kulturmaskinen that provides access to both workshops. The doors are 90 cm wide. The lift space is 95 cm wide and 140 cm deep. Frølageret is on ground level, while part of the bar/café area is elevated a couple of steps off ground floor level. This area is accessible by a lift measuring 90x92x147 cm. Magasinet has its own elevator that allows access to the venue.